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How My Daughter, AI, and I Wrote Our First Book

Today marks my daughter Esther’s 5th birthday. It’s a special tradition in her class that on their birthday, each child can invite their parents to come and read a book to the class.

Sounds straightforward, right? Just grab a book and head to school. But in our household, we like to take things up a notch.

Esther and I decided to craft our own story. She wanted the moral of the story to be about the importance of honesty. She wanted it to happen under the sea, and the main characters to be her classmates as mermaids and mermen with purple hair and green tails and gave me an idea of what was going to happen in the story. She then shared the unique personalities of each of her classmates, highlighting something kind and wonderful about each one. With that information in hand, we turned to ChatGPT to help us weave a narrative. After several iterations and some personal touches from me, we birthed a tale titled “The Enchanted Seashell of Truth.”

However, what’s a story without some captivating illustrations? That’s where my talented friend Midjourney stepped in. After a couple hours of writing and illustrating, our collaborative masterpiece was complete!

Dive into our tale and let us know your thoughts. Enjoy! 🙂


The Enchanted Seashell of Honesty

In a hidden cove beneath the shimmering waves, there stood a quaint cottage made of coral and pearls. This was the home of the Purple-Green mermaids and mermen, a lively bunch with vibrant purple hair and twinkling green tails.

Becky, the wise teacher, taught the young merkids about the wonders of the ocean. Marina, their loving mother, took care of them with warmth, ensuring they always felt safe and loved. And then there was Kathryn, the big sister, who watched over the younger ones with a protective eye.

Esther, with her boundless imagination, often gathered the children around to share tales of magical sea creatures and hidden treasures. Carter, with his kind heart, would often bring gifts for everyone, while Maya, the sweetest of all, would sing lullabies that put the little ones to sleep. Chloe W, with her brave spirit, once saved a baby dolphin trapped in a net, and Chloe R, the fun-loving mermaid, always had a game or joke up her sleeve.

Ryley, with her sweet and quiet nature, loved listening to the songs of the whales. Ori and Noah, both known for their sharing and nice nature, often brought back toys from their adventures for everyone. Jake, the funny one, had a knack for making everyone laugh, even on gloomy days. Max’s imaginative tales rivalled Esther’s, and together, they spun stories that captivated all. Elliot, with his loving nature, was the first to comfort anyone feeling down.

Chloe B, with her perseverance, was learning to map the entire ocean, while Sophia’s sweetness and Paige’s kindness made them friends with every fish in the sea.

Layla, always respectful, was the peacemaker during games, ensuring everyone played fair. Dylan’s sharing nature meant he always split his treats, and Ira’s creativity turned seashells into beautiful art. Aiden, always polite, greeted every passing fish, and Elena, the good girl, helped Becky with her lessons. Teddy’s lovely nature made him adored by all.

But then there was Alestia, fun as ever but known for her pranks. One day, she found a shiny seashell that glowed when someone spoke. Esther recognized it as the Enchanted Seashell of Honesty. It would glow green for truth and red for fibs.

Seeing an opportunity, Alestia decided to play a prank. She told a grand tale of a giant octopus who wore glasses because he loved to read. The shell, to everyone’s surprise, glowed red. The merkids giggled, but Alestia felt a pang of embarrassment.

Becky, sensing a teaching moment, gathered everyone around. “Let me tell you a story,” she began, her voice soft and captivating.

The Tale of Lila the Mermaid and the Great Ocean Mix-UpLong ago, there was a mermaid named Lila. Lila loved to tell tales, and her stories were the highlight of every gathering. But one day, wanting to make her story more exciting, Lila told a fib. She spoke of a giant whirlpool that would appear at the next full moon and suck in all the treasures of the ocean.

The news spread like wildfire. Panic ensued. Mermaids and mermen hid their treasures. Fishes swam in fear. The once harmonious ocean was in chaos.  Fish were tripping over each other, a few sharks bumped into the corals while trying to swim away, the octopus got their legs tangled, the shellfish cracked under all the pressure and the sea water got murky from all the commotion. It was a big, huge mess. Everyone was in fear and anxiety and running for their life and hiding their stuff and in the midst of it all the sea creatures forgot to be kind to each other.

But the full moon came and went, and no whirlpool appeared. The ocean creatures were confused and felt betrayed. Lila’s fib had disrupted the peace of the entire ocean and brought out the worst in everyone! Instead of the beautiful peaceful and lively ocean that they once lived in, their home turned into a murky, smelly ghost town!

Realizing the mess her lie had caused, Lila felt deep remorse. She approached the wise old turtle, Tiberius, for advice. Tiberius, known for his wisdom, told Lila that the only way to mend the rift was to be honest and apologize.

With a sad and embarrassed heart, Lila called upon all the ocean creatures. Even though it was so so so hard for her to do it, and it felt like her heart was stuck in her throat and she couldn’t talk. She admitted her fib and apologized for the chaos she had caused. It took time, but with her sincere apology and honesty, the ocean began to heal. Trust was restored, and the ocean found its harmony once more.

Becky finished her tale, her eyes meeting each of the young merkids. “Lila’s story teaches us that while it’s fun to imagine and dream, honesty is the glue that holds our ocean together.”

Alestia, realizing her mistake, apologized and shared a true story of a playful seahorse she had met. The shell glowed a brilliant green, and everyone clapped.

From that day on, the merkids of the Purple-Green clan not only celebrated their unique gifts but also the value of truth. The Enchanted Seashell took its place in the heart of their home, a glowing reminder that while stories are fun, honesty is a treasure that keeps us close and together.