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How AI can Impact your Social Media Marketing

Artificial Intelligence is transforming industries one after the other; from intelligent assistants to self driving cars, this technology is impacting our lives more and more. Of course, with its targeted marketing and predictive analysis capabilities it only makes sense that AI will provide better ROI for companies that implement it. Follow along to see how artificial intelligence can impact your social media marketing.

More and more consumers are interacting with brands via messenger apps. Customers feel that this is a much more convenient and personalized customer experience. This provides an incredible opportunity for marketers to collect both aggregate and personal information through bots. Customers ask questions, detail their problems, and provide information about their likes and dislikes; and the bot records everything! Imagine being able to determine, in real time, what the customer’s needs are so you can market to them directly with anything from product recommendations, to links for informational content, to information about upcoming offers and events.

Image Recognition
Thanks to constantly improving image recognition software, companies don’t have to wait for customers to (hopefully) post about using their products. Using emerging AI tools to search through thousands upon thousands of images, companies can mine pictures to find out things like where their products are being used as well as objects commonly included in those images. The possible insights this could provide companies is invaluable! Imagine you had created a product marketed towards rugged outdoorsy types only to find that college students were buying them as a fashion accessory. Your marketing strategies would change dramatically in order to connect more fully with this new hidden consumer!

Social Media Content
Now we’re not saying that bots will begin generating blog posts. Instead, AI can help companies create business content by using templates and previous data. Also, content curation and suggestion tools / plugins are already in play that serve up articles and other content that are intended to be a good fit for a brands’ audience. With the inclusion of AI and deep learning, these tools can be trained to improve their suggestions based on previous responses to content.

Search Engine Optimization
Google uses a variety of ranking signals that help determine search engine results. One of these signals is called RankBrain which uses human behaviour analytics instead of internet trawling to determine ranking. This means bounce rates, time on page, video click through rates, and scrolling are becoming a much bigger factor than the use of keywords. If this continues to develop as a strong ranking program creators will have to rely more on developing great content to earn better SEO as opposed to keywords and catchy headlines!

AI It can be used to personalize content and user experiences in ways that boggle the mind. It’s easy to see how it can help social media marketers understand the best content to use in order to connect with their audience. We, at The Social Nation, hope you start exploring these new options, and feel free to reach out to us with any questions about the potential for your business.